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YOU, Our Client, Will Always Come First

Hello I am Judith, and I'm so excited to meet you. I'm the owner of HotsWots and my background is in organisation and management.

In 2011, I was asked by a friend if I knew anyone who could build them a lovely website. I had met Zeesh online when he had done some fixes on one of our websites and I had been very impressed with his technical expertise, the speed the work was executed and his sense of humour! So although he was already working full time as a senior developer, I asked him if he could help out.

Zeesh did the first website, then another colleague asked me if we would do theirs as well. They enjoyed having me in the middle to help get their site done as I didn't speak in technical jargon and could explain what was happening simply!

The rest is history! Zeesh and I got on well, laughed a lot, and decided to start a small business together and see where it took us. We realised very quickly that majority of businesses have no clue of how to navigate the online world. So our desire was to assist them achieve results online whether for a simple website, an eCommerce site to sell products, an App or social media sites. Now all these years later we are still working together and the team has grown to include PhP developers, a designer, app developers in Android and iOS, and we often have interns helping out who have completed their university degrees but need experience.

We have built websites, software and have even done a start up together with an app for the real estate industry.

We still have some of our original clients working with us after all these years which is a testimony to us having a strong team with a range of expertise and belief in great service, professionalism and only wanting the very, very best for all our clients.

We LOVE Code

Hello I'm Zeeshan. I finished my degree in Computer Science with the university Silver Medal – 2nd in my year. I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Computer Science. So as you can see - I am the geek in this business!

I love any coding challenges that are thrown at us but also enjoy providing the very best work for all our clients. We will never develop a website or software that doesn’t work. In fact, many of our clients have come to us with substandard sites to be fixed up or for us to start over for them.

We also do some 'behind the scenes' development work for other agencies with big corporations as clients who don't have their own development teams. We can't actually take the kudos for this work in our portfolio, but that's ok!

I look forward to discussing your ideas with you and helping you turn them into reality.

Resident Wordsmith

Hello I’m Lue

My expertise is helping clients with their content, whether it’s starting from scratch or updating copy or adding extras like blogs and newsletters.

I’ve worked with Judith and Zeesh from Hotswots’ early days but, in a former life, I headed up a couple of advertising agencies.  Working in advertising means you work with a huge cross section of different products and companies and quickly learn how to highlight the main message.  And that’s what everyone who has a website needs to do too! Get to the point quickly!  And make it really relevant for your target market.

HotsWots can guide you through the whole process so get in touch with us and get your message moving in the right direction.

Social Media Mastermind

Hi I'm Michele and the newest member of the team. I'm driven by a passion to help other entrepreneurs and businesses make informed choices about their business and marketing. I'm passionate about finding new ways to use technology and tools to build business, forever the computer nerd!

My background online began as a Virtual Assistant for high-end business coaches back in 2008, and I discovered my thirst to learn as much as possible about business and marketing.

I then went on to study and become certified, not only in internet marketing, but also in social media and business coaching. I've worked and consulted with various businesses since 2005, sharing my knowledge and expertise with business owners.  Contact us so we can help your business master the ins and outs of social media and online marketing.

Office Mascot

Hello I am Jeanie. I am a rescue dog and I am really happy if I can lie under Judith's desk while she's working.

My specialty is giving a lot of love and receiving a lot of love. Oh, I forgot, I'm also really good at giving high fives.

I keep everyone sane!

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